You must grab the life buoy to be saved !

Do you like convivial moments ? Do you like board games ?
Then you will surely like the « ResQD Game » …

What is the « ResQD Game » ?

It is a board game for the whole family offered in the form of cards to download and cut out. So it’s free!

  • From 2 to 6 players
  • From 6 to 99 years old
  • 15 to 45 minutes of play

Discover the game rules

I download the game in English !

Tuto to try

Will you be the first to grap the life buoy and to be a survivor ?

Introduction to the game:
You are part of a fishing crew who go to sea. But you have taken the wrong direction, from the path that the harbor Mastor advised. You then find yourself in the middle of a huge storm. You then realise that you have left without a life buoy. To avoid being shipwrecked, firstly you need to call out for help, try to find the right direction to rejoin the harbor Mastor who will give you the life buoy before you can fish !

4 steps to be a survivor !

Send out a destress signal

If you are lost or if you are shipwrecked,
the first thing to do is to send out a distress signal to the sky. Call for help !

Turn arround...

Now turn around as quickly as possible and while there is still time !
It is time to change directions and get on the right path !

Find the right way ...

It can happen to be wrong and to take a wrong direction
but it is always possible to find the right way …

Grab the life buoy...

ResQD !!!
Now, grab the life buoy to be saved, and don’t let go!
Annonce to all that you are saved and scream out «SURVIVOR»!